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*C*people who care
will always be there,
When the world begins to tear.
No one was ever there for me
They always left me be,
thinking I was always so free.

Stop Me

I cant breath,
The water in my lungs,
The frost at my fingertips
The blue on my lips.

I cant think,
The stabbing of needles in my chest,
The poking of my flesh,
The world of pain that is my bane.

I cant speak.
Something stopping me,
Something pushing me,
Something killing me.


I warned you all.
But no one was listening.
I reached out my hands,
Drenched in blood of my self preservation

No one saw
even though I was in a crowed street.
And as I laid there,
Glazing eyes ...
I made one last attempt
For them to save lives


And I made them all hear
When I decided to scream.
I found people were listening
So, I stopped my voice, hoarse and raw.
Blood.... was all they saw.
Once more I looked around to see nothing.
So I screamed again,


And soon I was left with nothing.

(well thats my big poem for now. Sorry.... I've been grounded for a great while ^_^;)
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May 22 2003, 14:09:26 UTC 14 years ago

I like it, I write poems/songs to. I was wondering if i could get an activation code so I can join live journal. I kno you don't know me and all, you don't have to if you don't wann.
I, personally dont have an activation code, gave it to my b/f and he gave his to his friend and kirk... the friend... is... i dunno... about him yet... I'll see what i can do ^_^