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Hey how's it going? Just a poem today. Nothing else

My Gabriel

Oh my, Gab,
Why did you have to die?
I know you never could stand to see me cry,
But here I am weeping tears
For all those lost years.
Death has never been this close to me
And it’s so hard to break free
From his icy clutches
At least I know you could do as much ‘as.
My dearest Gab,
I still remember the day you held me in your arms-
And washed out the salt rubbed into my scars.
That was only days before you died
And I never stopped crying on the inside.
I remember all the screaming that was made
When I found out you passed away.
It’s so hard to keep a straight face
When I recall your simple grace-
I never got to say good-bye,
I didn’t even try!
Oh Gab,
Why did you die?
Oh my, Gabriel,
Will this love I feel ever leave me at all?
My Gabriel,
My heart is in the wane
And my soul will always remained stained
With the love I feel.
It was the only thing I known to be real.
You were my fighting spirit
And I’ll never regret it,
Regret the way you pushed me forward
Or what I said to make you push even more.
Darling Gab,
The world doesn’t mean a thing
If I don’t feel the love you bring.
I used to think that I was all alone
And that I was made of stone.
That was before I knew of you
And how when ever I was sad you always knew.
You always held so tightly
And made me feel like the world could never stop me.
Oh my, dearest Gab.
Please don’t watch me cry.
I’ll keep fighting for you
And that’s all I’ll ever do.
Now you’re flying with the Angels
My Gabriel.
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