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I was just writing random spew, and I wanted somewhere to post is, so I found this groovy comunity ... It's not my best work, it's just some crap written in a time of anger and resentment and hurt. Yay? It doesn't rhyme it's not very good and um ... yep ...


Take away this indignation
All this resentment
This grudge I hold onto, clinching my fists around it.
You said you cared but I can't help but think it was all a lie,
Just method, just routine, just script for you.
I can't help but feel that I was just a guinea pig,
An experiement to see how thin your compassion would stretch,
and once you saw the doorway out, You took it.
You didn't care, You didn't even look back.
Maybe you just didn't want to see my face,
Maybe you didn't want to know it was a mistake,
Maybe you just wanted to forget you were still needed.
I hate to say it,
I think you're selfish.</i>
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