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Im not finished but this is wat i have...(a story)

The dark amplifies the chill of the falling snow as each flake falls sharply to the ground. It slows down only to land gently onto the surface of his eyelashes.

He is a dark mysterious creature with an almost alluring mystique about him. His cold piercing stare chills you from within, yet, it also tempts you with an almost certain lust for this being. He calls you into the shadows and lures you with the sweetness of his penetrating voice. The glimmer of the moon shows only his lips, bright red glinting from his previous feed. He licks his lips and for a brief moment you see his sharp fangs growing inch by inch, preparing itself for dessert. You cannot move, You just stare, unable to speak, unable to scream. You are left helpless and prey to him. He takes you slowly but swiftly beneath his cape, and for almost an instant, you feel safe, despite the circumstances. You can hear a low growl coming from him. He takes in a deep breath and caresses your face. You’re in his web now, trapped. At the last second you realize where you are and what’s going to happen. But its too late. He disappeared into the shadows, as you are left on your knees with blood running down your neck. You try to get up, but you fall down again, and lay in the snow as a pool of blood surrounds you. You are on the verge of dying. As you breathe your last gasp of air, you see him again, and he picks you up and you sleep in his arms.

Crystal tears form in your eyes as you awake from you deep slumber. He calls out to you
“My love, you are awake.”
You look into his eyes. The same dark eyes who called to you in the shadows. You jump,
“Who are you?” you ask, though your voice quivers in fear.
“I am Ahasurus, you wonder why you are here, correct?” You nod softly. “You are one of us now, a creature of the night, your long awaited dream! You called to us numerous amounts of times. IT was only a matter of time we would come to you. You are now what you always longed to be.”
You stare silently. He is right, this IS what you wanted, freedom. Freedom from home, freedom from the world. You have everything you desire. Well, almost. Your stomach starts to grumble and your new sharp fangs start to emerge.
“A little anxious to feed aren’t we?” You gulp with enthusiasm. “Woah little one, it is still too early for you. Here this shall calm your hunger.”
He picks up a bottle and breaks it. He cuts slowly along his wrists to open up his veins. Dark sweet blood starts to flow from the open wounds. You look at him and start to drink. The blood seems to burn you, yet warm you from within.
“Now its official.” You stare, perplexed at the short comment. Then at that moment you realize that once you drink the blood from the one who turned you, there is no turing back. You are a true vampyre now.
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