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Silent fate

Silent Fate
by: Jessica Jones
Standing in the dark, in what seems like an almost clear oasis. The sky is pitch black and there are no stars, no moon, nothing. Just an endless blackened sky that goes on for miles. The wind begins to blow, slow and steady at first, then it begins to speak to me in a whispering cry. She wants to leave, she needs to escape this confined place, to be free. I try to converse with her, the voice, but she doesn’t listen to me. She only speaks her will, her wants. I understand this voice. She speaks about leaving, going to a better place. It seems the voice is mine.
I look around and I see nothing, I feel nothing. Only, this desire to escape as the voices’ wish. She says “Goodbye cruel world, I’m leaving you today.” But yet, she stays, getting louder each day, until she screams “TAKE ME AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! for, there is nothing left here for me...”
I understand. I am the soft whispers, I am the screams. I am asphyxiated and “No one understands!” Only... the voice. Is it in my head? Or, are the soft whispers to the piercing screams heard by others? I speak: “I am leaving forever and now.”
The voice slows to a steady whisper in the wind, lost on words to say. She is older and wiser now. Confusion and immaturity has passed and she is left with the sweet asperations on what could of been. She thought it before and now she knows she cannot leave. She must stay. The world is too cold, too dark and mysterious for the voice to handle. She stays rooted, forever. Escaping only in revere on what she only wished for.
I forfill this dream, I forfill this need. The need of the voice. I leave. I am the one. I was rooted, now i am exhumed and freed. I leave, silent. I only go to satisfy myself.

The wish of the tree has been granted.
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